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Hi there and welcome to the Homeflow API documentation.

Homeflow provides developers with everything they need to build exceptional property based websites. Within this documentation we hope you will find all the information you need to get your agency or portal theme up and running.

Before you get stuck in and coding - please read our best practices section which will help both us and you when working on our platform.

You’ll use the IDE you’re familiar with plus all the developer tools you know and love such as: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. You will make your own decisions on the plugins you or your customer requires and have complete design control over your new website from the word go.

As alluded to above, we’re making the assumption that you’re familiar with HTML, CSS etc. You will also need a basic working knowledge of Git and Liquid, though both are relatively simple to pick up as you go along.

Before we get started, there are three areas of the Homeflow API to be aware of as they will be mentioned throughout this documentation:

1) The Agency/Portal Admin
2) Hestia
3) Ctesius

You can consider The Agency and Portal Admin as the repository of all the information related to an agency or portal (essentially a CMS) - think properties, pages, content, images and more. Hestia (The Greek Goddess of the Heart) allows the querying of this information at lightning fast speeds. Finally Ctesius (The Greek God of Property) is our frontend application that is powered by Hestia. It includes an event management system, supports advanced property searching, user profiling and will support and augment the theme you will build.

All themes are developed using mostly HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but they also make use of the Liquid templating system, made popular by Shopify. Liquid sits in places of your code where dynamic content is required, such as property, agency, staff or user information.

We will explore all of the technologies mentioned above in much more detail later in the guide. In the meantime you can head straight over to the section you require using the menu on the right.

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