The Homeflow API gem is an open source Ruby Gem that can be used to access property data from the Homeflow API. The following URL’s show the data returned from the Homeflow API.

You can find out more information on the Gem here.

You can access property listings for a location with.

	@location = Homeflow::API::Location.find_by_county_id_and_location_id(params[:county_id], params[:location_id]).location

For example:

	@location = Homeflow::API::Location.find_by_county_id_and_location_id('brighton-and-hove', 'brighton').location

You can access property data using the following Gem calls

	@properties = Homeflow::API::Property.where(channel: "sales")
	@property = Homeflow::API::Property.find(params[:id]).result